Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 84 to Day 89 - Cornices Plus

Catch Up Post #17 -
Day 84 gave us CORNICES... woo hoo :)

This is the main bathroom ceiling with bulkhead over the bath... (We basically made use of every space in the house that we could - thus the bathroom and the media room go right out to the eaves, creating the bulkheads)


...hmm, can u spot it?

the BEDROOMS now have CORNICES :)

Day 86 has more cornices... and deliveries...

The newly corniced hallway...                                and delivered skirting boards :)

Day 86 is also the  
Day of the
Freaky Fingers!!!!!  (just for some fun! :)

We see doors delivered (stored in the Study nook for now).

We also see some pipes connected to the rainwater tank (the 15,000 litre tank that we chose -like most here - to put 'underground' to make the most of the space... For those who haven't read earlier posts about it - this tank is part of the estate's requirement for fire safety plan).

Day 89 saw waterproofing in the wet areas...   
          the ensuite shower....                                              and the laundry area...

we also saw
    another notable

Such as... bags 

And to conclude this post - I will leave you with the very lovely long lines of the...  skirting boards... 

...oh and of course my "arty" efforts in Black and White...
(I am dreaming of creating an artpiece simply made up of all the textures and lines from our building adventure - what do you think?)

Cheers :)))


  1. It sounds like things are coming along well! I like the last pic, it sounds like a good idea! :)

  2. Thanks heaps for commenting Tea... :)
    I have actually posted a video of a "walk around the house" under the construction footage and slideshow" TAB at the top of the page which shows much more of the progress...
    Oh and did u know Psalm 62 has always been one of my absolute favs... Thank u for ur posts... Ur video of the toy was v cute :))) smile :)))

  3. You certainly have some beautiful 'arty/textural' shots on this blog so you should go for it. The black and white is particularly nice.

  4. Your post is fun to read just to learn the Australian lingo for everyday things like crown molding=cornice and baseboards=skirting boards. But what is render? Is that "concrete" or outrageous amounts of "thinset". I'm so curious now. April @