Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 91 - Front Door Delivered

I am happy to report that Day 91 had several steps forward in the construction progress:
A) Our FRONT DOOR was delivered – thank you Corinthian Doors
Just as we turned up to check out the day's progress – there was the truck delivering the door… Its crazy how exciting delivery trucks become on a journey of much waiting… 
It was actually way back in November last year that we made all our colour selections etc -  a four hour meeting that is now a bit of a blur...  
So when we saw the front door design today 
- we had a moment of “is this really what we chose???"
James was convinced we had horizontal glass lines instead of squares.. While I only vaguely remember saying I didn’t like the door with the horizontal lines…  (so obviously I had won - hehe)
 I did check our paperwork later and it was the correct door we had apparently chosen last November… 
(photo -
To digress for a moment...
My dream door is actually a huge double entry door ~ something probably second hand,
made out of timber,
and with a story attached...

 a entryway door full of character and texture...
hmmm... not unlike this photo (right) of a double door in a little town called San Miguel in Mexico - apparently you have to walk through this door get to the bullfights - how cool is that!!!...   

or this wonderful door I photographed in the little Italian town of Asissi several years ago...

Sneak peak from Day 131 :)))
But this house had a limited budget for its construction – our first ever attempt at building - so it didn’t allow for that kind of fanciful inclusions… Even when we tried to include a larger front door – it caused too many problems (impacting the space for the portico and not positive on the budget)…  so we let go of our preference for a large front door... (does it really matter for this home?!) 

Instead had a small upgrade to a door with the four glass inserts.  My future plan is to maybe do something arty with the four spaces (eg. subtle letters of ‘H’, ‘O‘, ‘M’, ‘E ‘  in the glass squares)…  ...we will see

I'm also intending to do something to make the side glass more opaque (does anyone know of creative ideas? I've heard you can use patterned tissue paper for this?!!!)

The kitchen was also installed on Day 91... I will share more in the next post...

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DAY 90 - Garage Roller Door

We love the splash of rich warm colour that is the garage door :)
 It is an automatic roller door that we upgraded to get a “timber-look”.  This was to add more colour (and interest) to the overall look of the house.
I really didn’t want to end up with a boring, monochrome home… I LOVE houses that have more character and colour.  I was happy that PJ Burns allowed us (even though an entry level budget) to make choices that added simple elements within the “project home plan”, additions that didn’t cost us the earth… 
Eventually the front door and timber post will be stained to match the garage door. Also we will have horizontal slats above the front portico area also matching.  
(The section above the front window is a "custom orb" infill - a colourbond like product - that is in "Woodland Grey" - see the colours / design page)
I like… what do you think?

 Oh... for those that may want to see the inside (not as colourful or as interesting but still a necessary part of a "roller door" blog post)... here you go:
Speaking of DOORS...
I'd like to share
a hallway / front doorway pic taken on Day 90...
(titled "path to sunshine")
Thanks for stopping by :)
Many more photos of the progress are just around the corner... 

Here's to new doorways!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 84 to Day 89 - Cornices Plus

Catch Up Post #17 -
Day 84 gave us CORNICES... woo hoo :)

This is the main bathroom ceiling with bulkhead over the bath... (We basically made use of every space in the house that we could - thus the bathroom and the media room go right out to the eaves, creating the bulkheads)


...hmm, can u spot it?

the BEDROOMS now have CORNICES :)

Day 86 has more cornices... and deliveries...

The newly corniced hallway...                                and delivered skirting boards :)

Day 86 is also the  
Day of the
Freaky Fingers!!!!!  (just for some fun! :)

We see doors delivered (stored in the Study nook for now).

We also see some pipes connected to the rainwater tank (the 15,000 litre tank that we chose -like most here - to put 'underground' to make the most of the space... For those who haven't read earlier posts about it - this tank is part of the estate's requirement for fire safety plan).

Day 89 saw waterproofing in the wet areas...   
          the ensuite shower....                                              and the laundry area...

we also saw
    another notable

Such as... bags 

And to conclude this post - I will leave you with the very lovely long lines of the...  skirting boards... 

...oh and of course my "arty" efforts in Black and White...
(I am dreaming of creating an artpiece simply made up of all the textures and lines from our building adventure - what do you think?)

Cheers :)))

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 78 to Day 83 - Build my home!

Catch Up Post #16 -
Day 78 - Day 83 (Fri 16th - Wed 21st July) -
not too much to say but some pics to show...

First - a "sweeping view" of the living area / dining room
(standing at side of kitchen area)

 Next - here are several other photos
to give the current perspective of the build...

 ~ looking out through the garage door ~

 ~ the alfresco area
 ~ the alfresco roof ~

 ~looking inside through the alfresco doors ~

~ power point hole at the alfresco door ~

~ looking at the kitchen area
(standing in the living room space) ~

~ looking into one of the kids bedrooms ~

 ~ wall of the main bedroom ~  
See the 2 wires sticking out for the 2 x feature wall lights (to be above the bed)???  They are just above white plaster join - well they worry me - they need to be in just the right spot so it doesn't look off centre... hmmm... I hope we get it looking alright...

 ~ looking out a window in the media room  ~

 ~ the media room electrical point / holes ~
(I know, I know - thrilling stuff :)))

 ~ the main bedroom light switch wires / hole  ~
(looking out of the bedroom to the kitchen space)

 ~ power point holes in the study nook  ~

 ~ the Laundry area awaiting the basin / shelving ~

  ~ water pooling ~
(can you see the alfresco post?)

       ~ more water pooling ~                                        ~ and reflecting the trees ~

Anyway, there you go...

Due to this being our record of the building journey - even the less exciting elements like photos of power point holes, are documented in these posts...
 In spite of this, I hope something in each post may still be of interest for those of you reading this!?...  

Oh well, at the very least, it is a real depiction of building - where you can easily find yourself getting ridiculously excited over the smallest bits of progress - simply because it is PROGRESS.... moving forward IS GOOD!!!!  
(Waiting, waiting & waiting will do this to you...)

If you are getting impatient to see more interesting photos... I'm with you!!!!

Bring on the "hugely exciting steps" just so I can share them :)
(and so we move in soon as possible :)

Cheers :)

Monday, August 16, 2010


Catch Up Post #15 -
Day 76 (Wed 14th July) - BRICKWORK ongoing...
Day 77 (Thurs 15th July) - BRICKWORK completed :)))

So for ease I will simply add photo collection/slideshow of said brickwork appearing... (cue imaginary grunge music to accompany hehe)

So this stage of house construction is very exciting.
 The several (older hardworking) guys who did the
brick work were great, working very quickly
(to our newbie eyes)...  

Before we knew it - the house was no longer
wearing its "blue wrap dress" of insulation...
but is more solidly walled with BRICKS :)))))
I like SOLID - feels so much more like a real house now.
We have bricks... bricks... bricks... bricks....awesome!!! 
Showing off our brick walls :))))

...Oh give me a home among the gum trees.....

Thanks for stopping by... Please feel free to comment so I know you've visited :) Cheers :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 74 - Termimesh

Catch Up Post #14 -
Day 74 (Mon 12th July) - Termimesh put around house...

 The Termimesh product gets applied all around the house - on top of the existing bricks (two bricks deep)... After this application the remaining brick layers are built up on top. 


The Plastering inside the house is continuing... 

This is Bill the Plasterer :) who did a fantastic job!

He seemed to work really hard with a high attention to detail... His job was patching all the nail spots and joins of the plaster-boards. 
Bill was also friendly - something I appreciate when we are constantly dropping past looking around on site...

He had a heck of a job too - as previous workers (who put up the plaster-boards) did not do a great job apparently... Instead of using glue to the middle sections of boards to hold them in place - they used a multitude of nails (or screws not sure) instead...

This gave Bill a million and one extra spots to patch - as can be seen in the photo below...

Bill also picked up that the front entry ceiling did not look quite right. 

The line of the raised ceiling** seemed to reach the edge of the niche in an ugly way... So Bill spoke up and therefore it will get 'fixed' and plastered later when they come back to do any further patching needed...
(**"coffered" ceiling I think it is called - not sure of the spelling though)

In this photo (taken later on Day 81) you can see the beam of wood added (the "fixed line") - that while it shortens the raised area **, overall it will make the raised ceiling look better when its finished (hopefully)... 

... hmmm... I don't know if that explaination makes sense... its hard to describe this stuff esp as I am not a tradie :P

Here are a few more pics...
 The front entry way (showing the niche and a small bit at the top is the area I just attempted to describe that needed fixing)...

 Looking into the media room...

This is the steel corner angles that is attached to the wall edges 
(by Bill the plasterer :) 

Lastly here is my 'arty' photo for this post - I think I will call it "workbench perspective"... 

More posts soon.... Huge thank you for stopping by and following our progress... :)

Cheers :)