Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 61 = Massive Underground Water Tank

Catch Up Post #7 - 
Day 61 (Tues 29th June) - the Water Tank is in!

It is a massive 15,000 litre concrete underground tank :)

The internal work on the house continues...

This is the main bedroom, facing our ensuite.
The frame for the cavity slider is newly in place :)

Spaces for the window... outside...

Spaces for the window... inside...

Will keep the updates coming... slowly catching up... (today in reality the bricks are up - can't wait to show you all the progress :)))


  1. I love how big and low the windows are - will you have big windowsills too? I LOVE big windowsills :o)

  2. Hi Hannah!!!!! :))))))
    The windows look really big in the photo hey... They are large standard ones I think??? But yes I also like their size...
    Do u mean the windowsills on the outside? or a window seat? I Lurve window seats but don't have any in our house... I assume our sills are the standard sills ... We didn't specific anything different (didn't even think of that)... Sooo many other various decisions to make that unless u go in with specific ideas - u generally go with the standard item... Keep a handy list of the house elements that you like Hannah... Then you can bring it with you one day when its your turn to build... imagine that :)))))) xo