Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 42 - WALL FRAMES provide the 3D experience

Driving down our street today I was actually quite nervous about what I was about to see.

For soooo long we have poured over our plans on paper...  concerned with the feeling of space, the size of the rooms vs having enough of the different living areas in the overall house....  

We tried to be/ had to be clever - we couldn't afford to have a separate hallway wall that hid the bedroom doors from view, extra large bedrooms or a guest wing... especially if I really hoped for a 'study nook', the TV out of the main living area (media room), somewhere for guests at least and and very importantly - an inviting living space (to hang out in together). 
 So... the final floorplans had a media room but not too big so that we still had enough room elsewhere for a study nook (media room will double as the guest room) ...  The bedrooms were minimum sized (just big enough)... The laundry went into a space near the garage... The long hallway (which I would have normally maybe avoided) will simply lead out to the 'inviting' living area/kitchen/dining that all face the large stacker doors that open up wide to the Alfresco...

Again, for sooo long I have tried to imagine what these 2D decisions / plans would look like in 3D... what will our 'spaces' be like in reality???

With the wall frames being finally erected, I was about to get a glimpse of this...  the first tangible 3D taste of our new home... hmmm... excited nerves...

Walking around the block, my first impression was that the rooms appeared smaller than I expected. 

I let the kids run up and down the back yard's dirt piles (they were so happy lol!) as I tentatively stepped onto the green framed maze...

Once 'inside' I was impressed with the height of the walls. Thats good for a feeling of space... After walking through (only the rooms not occupied by the carpenters), I began to relax more...

 Just breathe
The house is definitely not huge... its not a double story mansion... 
Yet it deliberately planned, thought out and strived for... 
It is a achievement of a dream to build...  
This 'space' is gonna be OUR new home and
the location of our family's sanctuary

After work, James joined me on site and we got to explore the rooms together.  How surreal it felt to be standing within the frames of our future bedroom and ensuite... Can't wait :)

As we talked through each space... "here is where the kitchen island bench will be... oh and is the TV on this side or that wall?   Look at the study nook!  I can't wait to see the stacker doors in place...." 

This is the view from the back yard. 
The alfresco is being done towards the end of the build (we outsourced the external concrete as a cost-saving step).  

The area without a frame is for a sliding door from the dining room. 
Next to this is the Media Room wall.

As we looked around, our 6 yr old daughter came in and was calling out into the exposed pipes sticking out of the slab (as one does)... 

Then we realised something...

- in the middle of the Media Room was a pipe... 

...hmmm that's supposed to be in the laundry...  

Turns out the laundry plumbing is slightly out of place... After a stress, and a chat with our site supervisor we are told they will fix it... Whew!  Later, James of course made funny jokes about it not being pleasant if "builders have to fiddle with his plumbing"... Gotta Laugh :)))

So, here is a few more photos to finish up for tonight...  
Photos of the kids of course :) 


  1. That is great to see the progress on the house. Your house is now ahead of ours, we had to wait for an inspection of the slab from westpac our bank.

  2. I am loving living this vicariously thru you! Cant even imagine how excited you must be. And cant wait to come visit and see the finsihed product. Hoping to before then mind you! Hoping, hoping....

  3. Thanks guys for ur comments... People and Pets we will be racing you am sure :))) Hannah can't wait to have you visit... and anyway if it turns out later (rather than sooner) then remember it means a more finished media room for you to stay over in :))) Looking forward to that :)

  4. how exciting to be building a house. i can remember when i was a kid and Dad did that. we'd go over all the time and check on it. i remember climbing up a ladder to get to the 2nd floor.

  5. Hi Kerri thanks for visiting and commenting :)
    My kids are also loving seeing the house go up... Its a great experience for them to see this process:
    1. having a dream of building
    2. working hard at it (even thru storms) to bring the dream into existence... and eventually...
    3. seeing it happen - the house rise up from the ground :)
    Will have to go check out ur site now :)

  6. It was great to come up and actually see the house and walk into the rooms. To see your dreams taking shape. I went out to our new house today and was delighted to see some good progress, I have download a few pictures to my blog

  7. thanks for your lovely comment about my painting! so nice to meet you and see this incredible journey you are on! I love that you are creating a sanctuary for your family... you guys are totally living the dream! awesome - I have no doubt that your house will say 'all is well' at the end of your build adventure! :)

  8. wow how cool! great way to document the process. hi from a flying lessons classmate (-: