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This page is to provide links to any business or tradesman etc that we found to be a positive experience for us to work with.  Its a big high-five thank you to those who have provided quality services for our costruction journey... 

We believe word of mouth referrals have a tangible value.

We know we are not 'big' clients in the large world of construction, however, we can still make an impact on the world and want to be taken seriously. Our dream is not a small one to us... It is of upmost importance to our lives.  In doing this blog (and this page) we wish to encourage  others to step out and also brave the sometimes big, overwhelming world of building a home, if that is part of their dream.  Or even, to simply encourage a new, radical lifestyle where family and home comes first!  To build a sanctuary!

So, here is a list (will be added to as we go).... 
To put it another way - these are people that we would choose again if the need arose!

  • Rebecca Husbands - I would like to specifically mention the outstanding salesperson who was our initial contact with PJ Burns... Rebecca was definitely one of the reasons we chose to go with this builder (we talked with sooo many others also). Her friendly nature, attention to detail and wonderful service really has helped us on the journey to choosing our house layout, additions etc. and made many a stressful decision so much easier.  

  • John Thurtell the Managing Director for PJ Burns. When some hiccups arose with getting the plans through council and John became aware of them, his immediate contact and communication with us was absolutely fantastic.  Due to his direct interaction with us, we face the completion of our build with confidence that we are a valued client.  He has actively supported us and ensured we will reach the end of this build knowing we made the right choice for the company to build our new home.

  • David Thomas - the salesman at the Estate where we are building. David showed us our land initially, was a friendly and experienced face as we walked through many a hurdle as we stepped out and braved our dream.    We had so many questions and decisions to make and David willingly gave us his time... David also assisted greatly when a challenge arose with the process of getting council approval for our build. His expert communication with builders etc was fantastic. David's professional manner will stand out in my mind as one of the highest quality real estate people we have ever dealt with.  I know that is a huge statement - but it is my experience.

  •  The carpenter / tradesman - Paul Barnard
    who did the wall frames /roof trusses - (name to be confirmed)...

  • Daniel Dawson - our mortgage broker.
    We originally had a different broker in Brisbane who tried (seemingly very hard) to get us our finance for the land and home up here... However, it was an incredibly stressful and rocky ride - partially due to the
    financial crisis and the tightening of banks conditions which kept changing our goal posts on us... After it seemed certain to all fall through for us, we chose to change hands and contacted Daniel Dawson for his help... He immediately got to work for us and worked wonders in quickly getting us back into the ballgame... Daniel is incredibly professional in manner and in getting us a suitable result.  We are very grateful and indebted to Daniel for his services. We would not hesitate to recommend Daniel Dawson to anyone who is requiring an outstanding mortgage brokerThank You Daniel...

hmmm who else? time will tell

(disclaimer - I am not saying that every job was without hiccups  - coz life ain't all smooth - but that if there was an issue at all, and it was brought to their attention - then these people made the list if they responded with generous service and support, valuing our needs. To us this is more important than a perfect ride - because life generally is messy and things happen out of our control... How people respond to this is what is important I believe)

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