Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 78 to Day 83 - Build my home!

Catch Up Post #16 -
Day 78 - Day 83 (Fri 16th - Wed 21st July) -
not too much to say but some pics to show...

First - a "sweeping view" of the living area / dining room
(standing at side of kitchen area)

 Next - here are several other photos
to give the current perspective of the build...

 ~ looking out through the garage door ~

 ~ the alfresco area
 ~ the alfresco roof ~

 ~looking inside through the alfresco doors ~

~ power point hole at the alfresco door ~

~ looking at the kitchen area
(standing in the living room space) ~

~ looking into one of the kids bedrooms ~

 ~ wall of the main bedroom ~  
See the 2 wires sticking out for the 2 x feature wall lights (to be above the bed)???  They are just above white plaster join - well they worry me - they need to be in just the right spot so it doesn't look off centre... hmmm... I hope we get it looking alright...

 ~ looking out a window in the media room  ~

 ~ the media room electrical point / holes ~
(I know, I know - thrilling stuff :)))

 ~ the main bedroom light switch wires / hole  ~
(looking out of the bedroom to the kitchen space)

 ~ power point holes in the study nook  ~

 ~ the Laundry area awaiting the basin / shelving ~

  ~ water pooling ~
(can you see the alfresco post?)

       ~ more water pooling ~                                        ~ and reflecting the trees ~

Anyway, there you go...

Due to this being our record of the building journey - even the less exciting elements like photos of power point holes, are documented in these posts...
 In spite of this, I hope something in each post may still be of interest for those of you reading this!?...  

Oh well, at the very least, it is a real depiction of building - where you can easily find yourself getting ridiculously excited over the smallest bits of progress - simply because it is PROGRESS.... moving forward IS GOOD!!!!  
(Waiting, waiting & waiting will do this to you...)

If you are getting impatient to see more interesting photos... I'm with you!!!!

Bring on the "hugely exciting steps" just so I can share them :)
(and so we move in soon as possible :)

Cheers :)


  1. Saw you on Picket Fence and had to come check out your adventures! I'm impressed with the scope of the project, and it looks like it's coming along well - I'd be way too intimidated to start such a big project with little kids at home! :)

  2. It all looked great during construction and I bet it looks great when it was finished! I hope everything is done now and that you are living in a comfortable place. If I may ask did you use a scheduling system to keep track of the work and progress? Whenever I make renovations, I keep track of the work using software, so that I could properly monitor the progress and adjust on the schedule properly.

    Lashawn Gore

  3. Hi Lashawn, thanks for your comment... No we didn't use a scheduling system... Other than taking a million photos of every step of the way... Being new to the "building a home" scene, I'm sure we would do some things differently if we ever did it again... I think I would be better at paperwork maybe? Anyway, we LOVE where we live now... and one day I will go and finish this blog properly... one day...