Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DAY 90 - Garage Roller Door

We love the splash of rich warm colour that is the garage door :)
 It is an automatic roller door that we upgraded to get a “timber-look”.  This was to add more colour (and interest) to the overall look of the house.
I really didn’t want to end up with a boring, monochrome home… I LOVE houses that have more character and colour.  I was happy that PJ Burns allowed us (even though an entry level budget) to make choices that added simple elements within the “project home plan”, additions that didn’t cost us the earth… 
Eventually the front door and timber post will be stained to match the garage door. Also we will have horizontal slats above the front portico area also matching.  
(The section above the front window is a "custom orb" infill - a colourbond like product - that is in "Woodland Grey" - see the colours / design page)
I like… what do you think?

 Oh... for those that may want to see the inside (not as colourful or as interesting but still a necessary part of a "roller door" blog post)... here you go:
Speaking of DOORS...
I'd like to share
a hallway / front doorway pic taken on Day 90...
(titled "path to sunshine")
Thanks for stopping by :)
Many more photos of the progress are just around the corner... 

Here's to new doorways!!!


  1. The garge door is very nice! So glad you're seeing progress! :)

  2. Thanks Tea heaps for the comment love :))) will hav to head ova and see what u've been up to on ur blog also :) Cheers

  3. I agree. The timber garage door is a great look. Can't be long now.

  4. I think the upgrade on the timber door is well worth it. All the little upgrades on our house we built nine years I love, because we particular chose them, all the things we did not do I regret, some of those things we have still not upgraded nine years later.

  5. thanks people and pets :) we hope to feel the same way about our choices after 9 + years in this home....

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