Our Builder

Why did we choose our builder?

Well, we went through quite a lengthy process when it came to choosing a builder. We even went through the design and costing stage with several different building companies. We have such a tight budget and such a specific idea of what we hoped for in this new home. So many builders were simply out of our budget.

So this is not the build that has absolutely everything we dream of in a individually designed house or all the design elements that we love - primarily due to money...  If budget had no limit I am sure we might have ended up with a double story, architectually designed, recycled materials, heaps of timber, larger, higher or raked ceilings etc...Oh and with a sea view too haha... But all those things are lovely but are actually NOT what this is about...

This build is simply about achieving our dream to build a house, to have something that is our chosen layout and colours, and most of all - to have a place that provides a sanctuary for our family.

Our relocation and sea change adventure does not have the most expensive upgrades or design features. Our journey is about a lifestyle change and creating a house that reflects this... one that allows a more relaxed style, open plan living (outdoor/alfresco area an absolute must in our minds) and a place for the kids and us to enjoy together.

Several times when feeling very stressed about costings and design elements, I had to go back to this original vision we had. The basic concept of a space where our family was nurtured... Ideally with room that also permitted us to offer hospitality to our friends and extended family... A house that didn't need to be lavish. But offered a simple retreat and (yes that word again) a sanctuary.

So the builder that met our needs of budget
flexibility to change the layout, 
outstanding salesperson (Rebecca Husbands),
very open communication with itemised costs, 
local building knowledge/experience,
and a little bonus for us was the award for the
"Best Value for Money Builder in Queensland"...

the winning Builder we chose is...... drumroll please...

That said... I do hope to communicate more details about our experience with them soon...  If you have any specific questions then don't hesitate to comment below or email me at mlgcreative@gmail.com :)

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