Thursday, May 5, 2011

Outside fun and backyard visitors

Aside from our occasional games of beach cricket...

We have been loving hanging out at our house.... 
and the backyard!

Now in this picture above you can see the substantial growth immediately behind the back fence. This was originally clear for an access path among other fire safety reasons. So last weekend, I spontaneously decided to get out there and clear it back... I am NOT a gardener but I LOVE the visual satisfaction of such a task accomplished. It was an exhausting but an 'oh so satisfying' day.


Across the backyard expanse we have had a range of animal visitors. Some that I have managed to get the camera out quickly enough to capture proof... 

This fellow nearly came right up to the cool tiles of our verandah. I heard rustling, turned around and there he was.. a very decent sized goanna. He headed for the house until my camera movement scared him off... That said, his "saunter" away was not at all rushed... He apparently had all the time in the world to slowly head back to the bushes... nice!

So these guys are everywhere in Queensland sure, but lots of rain has increased of their numbers of late... Our issues with them is for another, more desciptive (and probably funny) post... Sigh... toads and frogs are NOISY buggers...
So, I just had to share about one particular night... where our toady visitors almost seemed like they were an "old sightseeing couple" ... It was a  bizarre experience to find them there... just watching... completely still... Sooo wierd to feel like you are being watched like this... by an old toad couple... haha
They were still for ages... One had his hand forward like he was in charge? or something... frozen to the spot until finally the smaller toad took off after I tried opening the door... The large one pretended to not notice... then finally gave up the game and hopped away...  It was a surreal visit...

 Onto a more palatable and welcome visitor...

We have seen kangaroos a couple of times since moving in. Early morning visits that awed us :)))
But not in the last 3 months or so... Until this afternoon. 
Maybe it was the fact that my newly cleared pathway behind the fence made it more visible. 
My eldest was mid-sentence when she stopped and stared out the window... and there it was... (look through the 2nd swing)
our lovely kangaroo visitor! 

But he didn't stay for long.... though we were happy he stopped by :)))

So far in 2011 we have had lots of rain... Most times we were sensible and stayed inside but then there were the times the kids resorted to togs and going crazy outside... Add to that fun - one day the neighbours house (half built) provided a fantastic waterfall to play under :)

Then, sometimes they managed to convince me to let them... um.. play in the oodles of mud to be found... This is not like the 'old me' at all... But I couldn't help but laugh at their delight... sooo good for the soul...

...complete with a more relaxed me who lets them play in the mud!!!!! 

Cheers :))) and huge thanks for visiting us here in the blogsphere :)))


  1. I loved the toad photos, but I would have put them in the freezer.

  2. Great post, Mary! It's good to see you back blogging.

    Shock yourself next time and go in the mud with them. After all, cleanliness and warmth is only a shower away.

  3. thanks for the update! I love the mud relaxation!