Monday, August 16, 2010


Catch Up Post #15 -
Day 76 (Wed 14th July) - BRICKWORK ongoing...
Day 77 (Thurs 15th July) - BRICKWORK completed :)))

So for ease I will simply add photo collection/slideshow of said brickwork appearing... (cue imaginary grunge music to accompany hehe)

So this stage of house construction is very exciting.
 The several (older hardworking) guys who did the
brick work were great, working very quickly
(to our newbie eyes)...  

Before we knew it - the house was no longer
wearing its "blue wrap dress" of insulation...
but is more solidly walled with BRICKS :)))))
I like SOLID - feels so much more like a real house now.
We have bricks... bricks... bricks... bricks....awesome!!! 
Showing off our brick walls :))))

...Oh give me a home among the gum trees.....

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  1. Congrats on the brickwork. I love the way picnik is dipslaying the animation - didn't know it could do that.
    Thanks for stopping by and taking my poll. Your comment came at a time when I really really needed it. You wrote "Well done U Brave U" which made me cry. And I never ever cry. So.. thanks.
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  2. Thanks Buffi... I stumbled upon the Picnik slideshow thing while trying to remember which site I used for my last slideshow (haha - I dabble alot but then forget what I did)...

    Oh I am trying to leave more comments when I actually find stuff I really like... "putting my voice out there" so to speak - and YOU are doing that.... I mean it - its inspiring... So I am so glad if my little comment made a difference... :)
    I was meaning to tell certain friends about your efforts to get published - so your comment here is also a great reminder - so will go email them now... AND anyone reading this here -> check out Buffi's blog (link above)... honest writing / quality read... Cheers bigtime :)