Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dare Your Dream...

This is a little aside post - on the topic of
having COURAGE & daring DREAMS...

Building a house was a desire / dream for James and I for many many many years... The fact that we are now in the process of achieving this is due to many factors (many little and big "pushes"). A huge part of our journey was the action of stepping out or "opening the door" to this path... it was a very scary step to move forward and actually DARE our DREAM (complete with a sea-change).

Dream (noun)
a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal  
he realized his childhood dream 
[as adj. ] they built their dream home
ambition, aspiration, hope; goal, aim, objective, grail, 
intention, intent, target; desire, wish, yearning

Courage (noun)
bravery, courageousness, pluck, pluckiness, valour,
fearlessness, intrepidity, nerve, daring, audacity, boldness, 
grit, true grit, hardihood, heroism, gallantry; informal guts, 
spunk, moxie, cojones, balls 

So I have been thinking about this a fair bit lately... There are many other dreams I have swirling around in my head. Artistic dreams, personal hopes and family desires... Dreams/Hopes/Desires that I have not even fully acknowledged or written down, let alone shared with others... So many things hold me back from expressing or pursuing them. Its too much to go into much more here yet, but thought to simply share these thoughts briefly and see what response I get...

To explain a tiny bit further - I am currently doing an online course by artist Kelly Rae Roberts that it is very challenging to me personally. Its creating a whirlwind of sorts in my mind about my other dreams that I haven't dared to step out or explore further...  I am thinking about my fears and their effect on my stepping out... hmmm what if?

Below is a quick video of author kelly corrigan (who wrote The Middle Place) that Kelly Rae shared in her post today. It's called I dare you.  

Have you ever chosen to step out and pursue a particular dream inside of you???  have u ever dared to???  What if you did?

So, what I want to ask you / put out there in cyberspace is:  
What is your dream?

This is simply an invitation.... If you like...
Why not voice your "dream" by sharing it below...   
I wonder....


  1. Very Inspirational Stuff Mary! You know that we are so keen to help you in everyway possible to see your creative potential be realised.

  2. I'm in the middle of a dream right now. For a while I've known I'm no longer in the profession that fits me leaving it is a complex, multi- step process that will require careful planning, patience and support from those I hold closest to my heart. I have always been a risk taker but this is the biggest, mist uncomfortable risk I've taken. I will dare the dream. I've always liked a line in a Chili Peppers song (who are quoting a line from a Butthole Surfer's song : "it's better to regret something you did, than something you didn't do."........ My other favourite is Rob Schneider's: "youuu can dooooit!"

  3. Thanks Mike :) Your encouragement has made mountains of difference in my life and for my family.
    Matt good on you!!! Inspiring stuff... we will be cheering you on... youuuu can doooo it!!!!

    I am trying to even decipher my own creative dreams at the mo... Am still stuck on #1... but hope to share when I can put it in words...
    1. face da dream... what is it?
    2. dare the dream... what do I need to do?
    3. work at the dream... what mountains stand in the way that I will conquer?
    4. Gain the dream... Get there / Change the world as you know it.... whew!!!
    I like your description Matt "Uncomfortable and risky" - but what a gain ... hmmmmm