Monday, June 7, 2010

Mountains of Fun!

Just because I have too many photos to choose from and want to post something... Here is few fun photos of the kids playing on the MOUNTAIN of SOIL that was delivered to site yesterday.

To our builders, we promise that they didn't do too much damage :P  - to the soil mountain that is... The kids however - well their clothes were absolutely filthy! But it was worth it to see them playing and having soooo much fun... And it was OUTSIDE, not cooped up in our little rental unit.
Just for a little while... they enjoyed the location that will soon be our new home...
Play play play play play PLAY

I simply cannot wait to see them playing in our own backyard...
This past weekend has had some very severe stir-crazy moments.  
Too much noise, way too little unit, normal energetic kids, poor neighbours (sorry again)...  
"How are we going to cope like this for much longer????" moments...

But I have breathed deep breaths and reminded myself to take one day at a time. 
Bit by bit - we ARE getting closer to moving into our new home...  Whew!

Peace :)

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