Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Delivery of Timber Wall Frames - Day 41

So, I expected maybe a day or two of concrete drying before the next step... but no there was not a day's rest - with the timber wall frames being delivered to our site this morning.

I took these photos earlier today... 
Our Site Supervisor said the carpenters would have been on-site working this afternoon. The walls are beginning to go up as I write... The roof trusses are being delivered on Friday... And we can apparently expect that the roof will begin to be put up by the end of next week...

Here are some pics :) 

DAY 41 ~ timber delivery  

- these will be the walls of our home very soon :)

the wonderful Slab... 

 the colourful reflection...

...greys, greens, blue and fluffy white...

What a glorious sky today :)

We have also been busy talking light fittings and fans and electrical stuff.  

The electrician officially doesn't come on board until after the roof is up. That said, we instigated an early meeting with him yesterday.  I find it an interesting challenge to decide on elements of our house (that we will have to live with for a very long time) but not actually have a full concept of what it will all look like...  He was a great guy and took all my questions really well... 

Have to leave this post there... I feel like there are heaps of details that I will have to either just leave out or come back at a later stage to fill in... There is just not enough time to blog it all (and still get sleep :)

Thanks for reading :) Let me know if you've stopped by... Cheers :)))


  1. I'm here! And so so happy for you guys, love the photos too, trust you to make a slab of concrete artistic!

    lots of love xox

  2. Oh YAY! thank you for telling me Jenny :))) Its very silly how excited I feel to get a comment... hmmm my world is revolving around this construction adventure just "a little bit" haha :)))

    lotsa love right back @ ya xox