Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blame it on the Rain, Yeah Yeah...

Today is Day 26. It is pouring down rain and the coast feels very VERY wet and dismal.

I have a strong feeling that it will be impossible for any sort of slab construction work to be done this week. Even with a pump - how can they pump out water from the hole/plumbing areas while it simply fills up again from the rain?

We had a rental inspection this morning. It went well for such an event but I simply cannot wait to be once again dwelling in a house that is ours - minus such intrusions as 'rental inspections'... I find them very stressful and always struggle emotionally with the concept of someone "checking up on me"... We have never had a bad report from a rental house but it is the concept that I really really dislike... 

The other stress inducing activity this week has been digging out the winter clothes for the family.  Due to the fact that we were supposed to be in the new house by winter - I had happily packed away the warm clothing... in the garage... where it is so full to find things in its depths requires a stiff drink :)

So a huge accomplishment / feat - deserving of an award - is getting out and ready the winter clothing...  Not only do the kids no longer fit half the clothes (mammoth sorting ordeal), but I needed to re-wash every single item due to the dustmite allergies.

So for the past several days, my house has been full of damp, winter clothing that refuse to dry because of the wet weather... (note -  I have no clothesline in this rental unit - our patio suffices usually but the constant rain even prevents that option this time).  We have had to squeeze around multiple hanging racks to eat meals at the small dinner table... I have repacked, resorted the lone cupboard (for three kids) so that clothing will fit inside it - and still have further items to sumhow find room for (jumpers are sooo bulky compared to summer items)... I think I deserve a medal... or a degree... or something... please?!

Yes this week I am clearly struggling with STILL being in this unit... Especially when the original plan (if even was remotely stuck to) would have had us happily in our new home by now... With a dryer (oh I miss you precious dryer)...

I am still traumatized by the ordeal of a "supposed few weeks to get through council that became a torturous 4 months"... This further delay onsite is causing flashbacks now to that earlier struggle that I have obviously not yet worked through or found peace with....  I am calling it "waiting trauma" - where seemingly endless, painfully slow days become weeks... that then blend together and became months and months... hmmm.... I am not ready yet to tell that story... That will be another post...

I suspect I will need some sort of therapy when this is all over? I must make a mental note to allow myself to 'debrief', and acknowledge the pain of this process / fall apart even - when we finally reach our destination... our new home... Just so I can then move on with enjoying it properly...

Sounds dramatic I know... It certainly feels this way today... Just being honest...

Thanks for reading (and for all you who are supporting us - it makes a difference to this journey to have you there :)  Please comment if you can... It encourages me to know that you've visited... staying tuned in... Maybe its just my ego...  hmmm... no pressure :)

Maybe I'll get my funny man to share a light fun story from our adventure next post, to contrast this one... Stay tuned for a laugh or two  :)

I hope to have some good news to share sooner than later :)Until then, PEACE.... yes even in the midst of rain, storms and life :)))


  1. Mary, you guys do deserve a medal or something. Nothing good comes easy, so this should mean your new home will be fricken awesome! We will all be popping a cork (or two) at Christmas time, laughing or crying with happiness Nd enjoying our new lives. Don't forget - this is no small feat you guys are undertaking - moving the whole family's life to another place to start over. You're a beautiful person with awesome kids, super hot hubby and your new neighbours are practically perfect. Focus on that stuff. Peace

  2. Thanks Matt - that made me smile... Great reminder for sure... Fricken awesome home to be.... Great neighbours.... Super hot hubby :))) Yeah!... FOCUS... All is well :)))) Peace

  3. Oh my dear darling loved ones...I feel for you so badly. Oh boy. Just remember that you have made a brave decision - and one that is proving to be testing right now, but the most awesome achievements in human history have been just that.

    I remember when we were approaching our Canadian trip and we just had thing after thing go wrong. Our van got stolen, we found ourselves homeless, then living in what can only be described as the most revolting flat EVER (the fridge was BLACK inside....) next to a couple who had nightly domestics, then money problem after money problem...for a while there we were throwing our arms up in the air going "Oh my heavens, are we not supposed to GO or something?" I remember even having a dream two weeks prior to departure about us clawing our way up the mountains...!

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot, then two days before I was due to depart the US embassy reported that my passport had been lost in the mail, neither Aus Post or them would claim responsibility and then I came down with the worst chest infection of my life....

    My point is that I had to really think just then even to remember those things. But at the time they just sucked so bad that we didn't think we would ever make our dream actually come true. It just seemed like everything was completely against us.

    But we did. And once we got there, it was honestly (really, truly, I'm not just saying this to make you feel better) the most unbelievably exhilirating feeling of achievement BECAUSE we stuck through all the crap to get there.

    You WILL get there!! I promise. And you guys will be so much stronger for it. Even though it's a painful process, remember that the glass has to be pretty much burning so that it can be melded into something beautiful.

    Love you guys so so much. Just hang in there!


  4. I know how frustrating and energy sapping it is to wait through the bad stuff. Just remember...as bad as it feels, you CAN handle the bad feelings, even if it feels like just one more thing will surely be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Thinking of you.

    (Next time we meet up, it will have to be you and me and a coffee in this awesome shop I found in Cooroy called Twig and Grace, part florist, part coffee shop, part purveyor of very cool, kitshy, arty-farty things.

  5. Thanks sooooo much for the encouragement!!!! Its been amazing how cathartic it has been to have this blog and write about it... but then its twice nice to read your comments :) Thank you :)
    ComicMummy - you have walked the road to achieving dreams and are an inspiration to us now :)
    Esther - your individuality inspires me too... That coffee in Cooroy sounds awesome! Am gonna meet u there for sure :)
    We love you guys... Thanks for the friendship & love :))) xo

  6. hey Mary! I'm glad i just found this blog - what a great idea to be documenting your journey! And despite all the ups and downs, how awesome to be building a home - a HOME!!! But as for your comment about wishing you could do the creative thing? Well we are our worst enemies aren't we? You shoudl get your hands on Kelly Rae Roberts' book Taking Flight - it's beautiful and really was the kick start for me to just put fear away for once and all and get on with the job of being the person I was created to be. It's so gently written - and speaks direct to the heart... You know there is a 'Mary shaped hole" in the universe that only you can fill!!!!! xxxx don

  7. Mary, only you could make washing look arty! I dont know how you are even managing to hold it together enough to write a blog - the washing racks alone would put me over the edge! - you are AMAZING. Be encouraged - what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger! Lots of prayers happening down this way for you all.

  8. thanks heaps guys... really appreciate the encouragement and support... and your belief in me... Peace :)