Monday, May 10, 2010

Slab Preparation has finally Begun!!!

So it finally happened - Driving towards our block of land today and for the first time ever we saw construction workers complete with a 'digger' (is this what they are called?) on site - yes working on our land! OMG I have to admit I was unsure if this would ever actually happen.... Horray!!!!!!

The day had been sunny but as we drove towards the estate, it began to rain... I was unsure how problematic this was for the workers but when I asked them, they shrugged it off as a little shower :)

Well it definitely made for muddy walking. I took off my shoes (it was muddy enough to maybe lose a shoe) and walked bare feet out onto site... My excitement combined with the unusual feeling of squishy mud between my toes (too long since mud play as a kid :) This will forever create a lasting memory of today for me :)

No photo of the squishy toe mud (doh!) however here's the very convenient washing off in the rain water still running past in the gutter.  

The sand they brought onsite is obviously used in the process of laying the pipes...

This is looking from the back fence line / site corner. We think that the cluster of pipes in the lower right corner is for our ensuite :)  
We are so new to all this...

This gives a better overall picture from as near as I could get to the back fence (due to fill piled up at the back of the block).

Close ups of the trenches / pipes...

and more plumbing...

I was expecting more pegging and string but did see pink painted spots that obviously marked specific places on site...

Bottom line is - I am sooo happy to see a 'digger' on our land :)))

I have a definite appreciation for digger tracks in the squishy mud all over our block...

It means the slab preparation is underway :)

Thank You God!

During a chat, one of the guys told us he was booked to come back in two weeks - around the time the roof will be on!!! That sent me into a spin - is it possible? that after waiting months (and months and months and months) - that we may see a roof put on so soon?!!!  
:) Happy sigh :)

So, there's one more texture photo I thought I'd share with you all before signing off tonight 
(my friends might laugh at this).

It is a pile of bark I saw beside our 'future neighbours' driveway 
(T and M - can't wait to street party with you :)... 
The colour was so vibrant and rich - I couldn't resist a photo :) 

Isn't nature wonderful!  Enjoy :)


  1. Wow! We are so excited! Seeing works begin on your site gives us a tangible reminder of what's to come for us too. Congrats guys! :-)

  2. It always amazes me that the plumbers know exactly where to place the pipes. What seems random to me on a bare piece of ground, makes perfect sense to them. You can place a stick approximately where you think a whole room will go, they know where a toilet or sink will go to the exact centimetre.

    Congratulations on the beginning.