Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 14 - wet ground causes a week delay!

Yesterday (Day 13) we got the weekly contact call from our Site Supervisor (SS).  My paraphrase of his information to me follows:

When the guys went to work on site (concreting preparation etc) they found the ground was too wet to bring machines on to the land or do the work... All due to the lovely downpour of rain we had received the afternoon before. So the guy said he was not going to come back until  Tuesday or Wednesday of next week to try again. This would give it enough time to dry out (IF we didn't get more heavy rain in the meantime).

So our SS said to the guy 'I don't care if you have other jobs on - come back and do this job first!'

Hopefully this actually happens... Nevertheless, its was nice to hear our SS placing emphasis on getting our place done sooner than later!

So basically no more action on site until next Tuesday (hopefully not later than that).

I'm trying to take this in my stride and be positive... We've waited soooooo long for the construction process to start - one week will not hurt us... And besides, its due to rain, (one of my favourite things in the world) so I can't be grumpy at rain... I just hope it decides to keep its activities to being lightly refreshing rather than huge downpours over the next week...  Thats my prayer :))) But I also surrender to this as something that is completely out of my control.... (can you sense my impatience and my mental attempts to keep it in check haha)

I will aim to post some 'backstories' in the meantime, to keep myself busy :)

Oh - and just so you know - I have added a SANCTUARY QUOTE from Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events at the very bottom of my blog page... I love this movie... and its message of "making a sanctuary together" has always stayed with me...

Cheers :)

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