Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waiting... on the weather

I visited the land yesterday (DAY 19) and while at first glance the block of land looked dry... Within several steps it became obvious that it was otherwise... The photos can tell the story:
The irony was when I looked up (after shaking off the mud covered shoe) there was the most beautiful blue sky... Amazing colour blue with the most gorgeous white fluffy clouds...

This morning I had the weekly Wednesday phone call with our Site Supervisor.  Yes - its a further delay until next week at least. If it rains on the weekend, the contractor will bring in a pump to get rid of the large pooling of water (as seen in the photos)... Apparently that's not happening this week as it might rain on the weekend or something...  Then next week, we will find out if  the land is sufficiently dry to continue work....

If only they could just get the slab done!

Who would have thought that 20 days ago when they first cut the land that it would take this long to get the slab down... Its going to be likely more than a month after the first land cut before the slab is even in place :(   

Building = great capacity for patience

My lesson to aquire this virtue continues....

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  1. God bless the rain, but it often comes at wrong moment in our own lives. Last night I drove out to chandler for the veledrome, we warmed up and we where just about to start racing when down came the rain!