Sunday, May 9, 2010

Waiting for Construction - Photos

The latest news on the construction of our new home, as told to me by our site supervisor: 
Tomorrow, Monday 10th May 2010, the concrete tradies (I have no idea what to call them?) are arriving to begin pegging out the block, then on Tuesday the plumbers are doing their bit etc...  Then the concrete slab should be happening by the following Tuesday (18th May).

So while waiting for all this to begin, I thought I'd post some photos I've taken at our block of land in the past month...

Its all about NEW BEGINNINGS :)

Standing Strong While Waiting

This is my son's stick that he (with help - thanks Opa :) placed approx where we thought his room might be.  Every visit to our block (many many times) over the numerous months we were waiting - we just had to check if "the stick" was still there...

I was always astounded that, no matter the storms or such, the stick was still standing (although getting knocked around)... I like to think this stick was a little like us - still standing in trust for the dream house ~ no matter the storms that rose up... (even though at times getting very knocked about)

Other photos:
My son... and looking from the back fence over the block of land...

My Favourite Tree!
I call it my lighthouse tree. I love its pale colour and how it stands tall and strong amongst the rest of the trees. It is approx in the middle of our back fence line. This tree is one reason why I loved this block of land :)

Due to all the rain, the grass grew quite long in places. 
I had to take a photo.... Such great long grass texture :)

The flowers at the fence line have also grown wild.

The wild flowers of course bring the butterflies... On one visit to the block of land, we saw so many butterflies we lost count... 

Mainly small yellow butterflies and the larger black and white butterflies...

I hope they hang around after the house is built.

We'll wait and see...
Waiting for our new home...
Hopefully complete with butterflies :)

Peace :)

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