Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 12 - slab mesh delivered to site

I have decided to number the days since our block of land was cut - an numbering of days of construction... Beginning when preparation and work began on our site (when the land was cut on 30th April) .  And as the title says - Tuesday 11th May 2010 is officially "Day 12".

Today we saw a bundle of items, including lots of steel mesh, delivered to our site... I assume they are all for the laying down of the concrete slab.

This time I visited our land after school so the kids got to see for themselves that changes were actually happening.  (All three kids in one very small room = lots of "oh when is our house going to be built Mum?")  They were thrilled to walk around the block and see where their individual rooms may be...

The ground was much less muddy as the today had been full of lovely sunshine. However, within 10 mins of our leaving the rain began to pour down. It was quite a storm that hit the area (very large raindrops :) so I expect that would re-saturated the ground once again... ahhh autumn weather on the coast :)

Here are the other photos from today... 

and my favourite photo of the longs lines of the steel mesh...

Oh and today we were sent an email saying we can now call Energex about connecting power to our block! So one utility is on its way to being officially connected in our name :)))


  1. OH MY GOSH Garrahys!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly excited for you. This is just huge! And its a visual pleasure to read your blog too - love the texture!

  2. Thanks heaps Hannah :))) I'm def having alot of fun with photos... Makes me smile to know u understand the texture appreciation!