Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bricks Delivered on Day 58 of the Build

Catch Up Post #5 - 
Day 58 (Sat 26th June)
saw the BRICKS delivered to site!

The construction progress has the blue lines of the roof battons all over the roof, added to the green lines of the wall frames... the house is looking very colourful and stripey :)

The kids have lots of fun scootering on the street... Its such a nice break from the confined space of the rental unit - bringing much hope / longing for when we finally move into the new place... 

 Otherwise if there are no workmen in the house, the kids like scootering (or rip-sticking) through the house.  I've told them to get 'it all out of their system - coz there won't be any such scootering inside the house soon enough' :)

It's nice to see the kids getting more and more excited about the new house with us... They absolutely can't wait to finally be living our new life in OUR place either :)

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