Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gutters and Roof Battons

Catch Up Post #4 - 

Day 55 (Wed 23rd June) 
saw work on the roof's GUTTERS and TRIM.

Trim on the Portico (entry)...

Guttering and trim put on the edges all around the house :)))))  
This was mentioned in an earlier quick post I did (as I got a little behind on sharing all the progress).

Our bathtub also turned up, and was put into the pantry to wait patiently to be put into place :)

Around Day 57 (Fri 25rd June) we saw quite a bit of RAINY WEATHER - making the house construction very wet work for the carpenters.
The guys were amazing and just kept on working - we are so grateful that the build is now continuing. We spent sooo much time waiting due to wet weather at the beginning... what a welcome relief it is to see construction progress in spite of the rain! Thanks to the great tradesmen!

 These pics shows the roof battons (the horizontal lines) now on the roof surface. 
Front left side view.

Back view.

The roof bracing...                    The roof scaffolding...

And the Front Portico Post is put into place :)))))

Good stuff :)

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