Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 72 - Walls take shape

Catch Up Post #13 - 
Day 72 (Sat 10th July) - Plastering continues :)
I reakon that you can tell what stage a build is up to by looking in the skip out the front... 

Well this is our skip at the moment ...

What do you think?  

Yes MORE plastering...

The build is getting another step closer to completion
and beginning to feel like a proper enclosed house...
We have the enclosed HALLWAY :)
The bedrooms, robes and ceilings have become solid...

 Here is the bathroom... 
(The purple is a layer to protect the bath from damage)

The laundry has always been an interesting space in this build... It got tucked away at the back of the garage as we tried to make every inch of our house count... Now that it is enclosed by the plaster I am spending lots of time just standing in it, figuring out how I will set it up...  I want to be clever with my set up... 
I believe that I CAN be organised - positive thinking yay!

(I assume the green plaster-board is for the wet areas)

Here are two different views of our niche #2... (the one at the end of the hallway - see previous post)

I like :) 
how about you?


To finish this post - here is the few pics from Day 73 (Sunday 11th July) 
Due to being a sunday, there are no changes to report... except for this day being 

...the LAST DAY we said the kids could 
SCOOTER through the house...

Now that the walls have plaster we don't want to risk a scooter crash and plaster damage... much to the kids sadness... They have had such a ball wizzing around through the rooms :)

I am so glad that the kids are having this journey of building with us... they are experiencing the house evolving with each stage and have the opportunity to really OWN this new home together - as a family we are starting fresh in this new place... Sooo grateful :)

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  1. I bet you guys are so excited to have the walls up! I would be ecstatic. Of course, there's still so much more to do! And so far, house's looking great!