Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating the Slab...

Whew I never thought it would be this long between posts - my apologies to all you who have been asking and waiting patiently for more pics ...

Catch Up Post #1 - 

So quick summary...
Slab was finished on Day 40
(Tues 8th June)

Of course it required toasting this huge step towards our dream with a great friend and soon-to-be neighbour ...

The Frames were delivered the next day and before we knew it - our house had 3D shape!!!

Then Day 44/45/46 was the long weekend in June - which meant we had visitors and got to celebrate the slab (and frame) with some friends and family. Sooo good to show it off and at the same time pinch ourselves that it was finally looking substancial :)))

Big weekend :)))

Thank you to those who made the long trip to visit us :)))

It made it even more real to be onsite celebrating with those who have supported us so much on this journey!

We got to walk through the site with our friends...  Having frames up meant it was easier to describe our thoughts for each space etc... 

Needless to say the kids had a ball seeing their friends also...


What are pipes for but yelling into? haha
(the kids discovered they could speak to each other from the pipes in different parts of the house)

What a highlight of the construction process. Well the first time we had decent visual evidence!!!! 

A weekend full of celebrating, coffees, chats over our plans, and catch ups...
Sooo good :)

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  1. It was great to come up and celebrate the laying of the slab. Great to be able to walk around the slab and imagine you living in this great house.
    Our investment property is making similar progress