Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Evolving Eaves and a Window

Catch Up Post #3 - 
Day 52 (Sun 20th June) saw the roof continue to take shape.

 The house wall frames had the solid paneling added in places
(I think this is for stabilizing effect possibly?)

It also saw the portico post prepared for being put into place near the front door (seen here lying in the front room).


And here is a pic of the laundry area
(at back of garage).


The other part I have been getting excited about is the 'niche' spots in two areas of the house. Seen here is the one at the end of the hallway. (if you can make it out in all the green lines that is)...

Day 54 (Tues 22nd June) 
This saw the slab concrete fixed.
(one small section was too short for the frame. So this has been completed as required and attached to the main slab :) 

WINDOW #1 was added (front room)
I found out that having this one window in place now (before all the others) assists with the line up of bricks and the insert paneling above the window later on.

The Roof Trusses and Eaves evolve....

Loving the shape...
Loving seeing it come to life...

Woo hoo :)))

Bring it on!

PS: I also love the depth of the eaves over the side of the alfresco area. Nice :)


  1. have u said yet when you think it will be finished?

    thanks for visiting my blog! yep, i'll be posting lots of those 50 songs up- i've written 3 so far. so within the end of the week i'll have one up!

    happy construction!

  2. Hi Kerri :)

    The builders allow 120 days to complete the construction apparently. We are up to Day 71 (toady - Friday 9th July 2010) so it may be about another 50 days or so... 1.5 to 2 months time we think... STep by step... Would LOVE to be in by the next school holidays in September... We'll see.

    Will keep an eye on your blog too! Cheers :)