Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 60 - a ROOF on top!

Catch Up Post #6 - 
Day 60 (Mon 28th June) -
A nice new colourbond ROOF is happening!!!

Sooo exciting to see the roof sheets go on... The colourbond roof colour is called "Evening Haze".

This photo is mr 7 in the door way of "his room"... 

The feeling of the space just keeps evolving as elements of the house are added / constructed... The wall frames made it a 3D experience.  Now, when standing in the various rooms/areas, the roof provides a lid above you...

WOW.... the Journey of building a house is definitely different to the experience of simply buying a new one... sorry to state the obvious lol :) just trying to put into words how this process feels... waiting... watching... evolving... anticipation growing... learning a great deal as we go...

I am having lots of moments that make me think of the TV advert for colourbond roofing (shown in QLD sometime in the past 24 months) .  The main character of the advert is seen standing outside in his underwear because he dashed out to pick up his newspaper and got distracted gazing admiringly up at his colourbond roof... hehe - I may not be out in only my underwear but I am definitely distracted and excited by the significant event of our ROOF going on!!!!! Yipppeeeeeeeee :))))))))))

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