Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 63 - Plumbing FIXED :)

Catch Up Post #8 - 
Day 63 (Thurs 1st July) - the PLUMBING is FIXED!

Those of you who read earlier (or heard my man stressing about this) know that the plumbing laid under our slab had a small issue. One we didn't realise until the frame was put up. 

The issue was the laundry drainage pipe was NOT located in the laundry but in the media room...   oops :P (insert jokes here about a toilet / lounge chair combo to watch TV on)....

So on Day 63 we visited in the late afternoon and saw this media room pipe was now filled in and a new pipe was in the correct place in the LAUNDRY! 

Alls well that ends well :)

Looking through the garage to the media room... Pipe Gone :)

Looking into the Laundry area... Pipe Added :)

So the other news from Day 63 is:
The large STACKER DOORS are in place!!! (with Mr 7 also :)

These doors are a major design choice of ours - we are holding our breath that they add to the living space as much as we hope they do. The idea is to tile the alfresco area with the same tiles as inside the house and the door 'tracks' are also recessed (flat against the floor) to hopefully provide a seamless connection inside and out.  

More than anything our goal (within a limited budget) was to create an attractive spacious open plan living area that will be the 'hub' of the house for our family.

These are the living room windows that will also look out to the back trees...

The bath has also made it... The kids are having lots of fun with this addition...

 This is the last minute upgrade (thank you PJ Burns) of a door frame to my WALK-IN-ROBE
(with a door soon)

I think this door will prove VERY handy... It was initially taken out when we were desperately cost-cutting (anything non-essential went) to make our build achievable.
So now I look at this door frame and breathe a sigh of relief... I always intend to be neat but I am a "creative sort" and that lives with a bit of mess sometimes (that's my excuse hehe :)  whew... a door to hide potential untidyness... sigh with GRATITUDE....

Cheers :)

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